Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ah, Those Stubborn Shadows

I'm about half-way through a training program to be certified as a Transformational Coach.  Since I do a lot of coaching in my practice, it seemed like a logical and expansive step.

Interestingly, I have encountered a lot of resistance to the self-discovery exercises that have taken up most of the training to date.  Some old, stubborn negativity has been groaning up from the dark recesses of my subconscious like Marlow's ghost.

In moments of clear consciousness, I am taken aback by my thoughts and resulting behavior.  Who is this judgmental, cranky person?  Didn't I eradicate her long ago?

Apparently not.

See that snake in the shadow I unwittingly photographed on a walk one day?  Snakes carry the Medicine of Transmutation -- as they are able to hold poison without the poison killing them.  I never expected that this certification would be yet another path of purification for me, but that's exactly what it has been. 

The good news is that it didn't take me as long as it in the past to recognize the shadow and apply some Light to diffuse it.  Very good news, indeed.  Otherwise I'd worry that I haven't made any progress at all in nearly 25 years of working on myself.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Computer Hangover

After yoga yesterday morning, I spent most of the day and much of the evening at the computer, working on writing I had to get done.  I was in a great place mentally, feeling creatively juicy and productive. 

As the day wore on, a dull, congested feeling began to edge out the elation of accomplishment.  By 10 pm I was depleted and went to bed. 

But a good night's sleep?  Not to be had.  I tossed and turned most of the night, dozing lightly and then just waking up.

At some point it occurred to me that I had OD'd on the computer.  That staring at a monitor for so many hours did something hideous to my brain, even as I was getting so much done.

This morning I was able to sleep in a bit, but the computer hangover lingers.  Anyone else out there experience this sort of thing?

I definitely need to get better at taking some real breaks when I spend a lot of time with keyboard and monitor.  The kind of suggestion I often make to stressed-out clients, of course!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Even When You Don't Think It's Working ...

Here is an experience I had with a darling 5-year-old boy last week.
I have never seen a child more active!  He bounced all over my waiting room and inner office, seemingly incapable of keeping his busy, curious little hands off just about anything he happened to see.  He had questions about everything, and made astonishing connections from the answers.  Obviously very, very bright!
His mom said that at school, the teacher was frustrated with him and there was talk of exploring medication.  
I managed to get him to try the Child's TAT Pose and say, "I am calm."  He didn't comply with any of my repeated requests to "look at things with your eyes instead of your  hands," and it took threatening to unplug the little floor fountain I have in my waiting room to get him to stop splashing the water all over; but each time I asked him (about 4 times over a 45-minute period) to go into "The Pose," he complied immediately. 
Still, by the time he and his exhausted, frazzled mom left, I wondered if they had gotten any value from their time with me.

This is an excerpt from the email I received from his mom this morning:

The calming strategy has been very helpful and I have had E. use it already! I have started doing it myself! :) We flew [out of state] to visit  family last night, but when we were on the shuttle to the airport E. started to get very hyper.  I had him do the pose and he was actually calm the rest of the way!  When we left your office, E. fell asleep right away!  I came home and ended up taking a 3 hour nap that felt more relaxed that any sleep I have had for awhile. So thank you for that! 

 And this is why I love TAT :-)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Doing it Anyway

One of my clients went outside of her comfort zone this past weekend.  I had asked her to email me about her experience.

She reported back that she had gone to the movies by herself and had sent out an email inquiry regarding a class she's wanted to take.

Because she felt "nervous and a little uncomfortable," she had  not seen that she had indeed taken two strong actions until I pointed it out to her. 

Yes, she has the inner strength to live a more confident life and this weekend she proved it to herself.  The more she lives her life from that strong, increasingly confident place inside, the stronger and more confident she will be.

In the office, we will continue with EFT, TAT and hypnosis to fill-in those old grooves of nervousness and discomfort, step by step.


The Body Knows!

As part of my training in Essentials of Energy Psychology Level I before the ACEP Conference last week, I finally "got" muscle testing.

I've lost track of how many times over the years muscle testing has been part of a given curriculum for me.  For some reason, my brain applauded the principle but rejected the method...until now.

 When I wrote about this on my A Higher Perspective Facebook page last week, Beverly asked for an explanation of muscle testing.

I would put muscle testing under the category of ideomotor responses. The way a pendulum swings differently for "yes" and "no" when dangled from one's fingers is an ideomotor response.  The way we can designate a "yes" finger response and a "no" finger response in hypnosis is an ideomotor response.  The way the body sways forward as a "yes" and backward as a "no" is an ideomotor response.  These are all subconscious/unconscious physical responses to simple yes or no thoughts.  As the old saying goes, where thoughts go, energy follows.  Ideomotor responses of all types are graphic evidence of this.

With muscle testing, the client holds an arm out (it doesn't matter which one).  The arm can either be to the side, as shown in the illustration above, or straight out front.  The client is asked to think of something specific and hold the arm firm.  If the specific thought is true for the client, the arm will hold firm under a light pressure from the practitioner's hand or fingertips.  If the specific thought is not true for the client, he or she will be hard pressed (no pun intended) to hold firm.

If the client's energy is not balanced, the muscle testing will be skewed.  The same is true for any of the ideomotor responses.

I often teach clients about the pendulum as a way of illustrating the power of our thoughts and the relationship between thoughts and physical response.  In a way, the pendulum's movement mirrors the connection between handwriting and the brain.  Thoughts create movement. 

In the past, when the pendulum demonstration was clearly skewed (for example, both the "yes" and the "no" were the same movement) I knew there was a way to fix the energy imbalance, but was not able to perform the energy corrections.  No longer!  Now I have a skill set for correcting energy imbalances, regardless of what ideomotor response we're testing.

Muscle testing clients for how many sessions they need is just one use to which I plan to put this new skill set. The possibilities are limitless!

Thanks for asking, Beverly :-)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

All Aboard the Energy Train

Being at the ACEP International Conference gives me such a wonderful feeling of belonging.  This, in spite of the fact that I identified myself as a hypnotherapist  long before I ever heard of EFT, let alone TAT.

I love the reverence for research-based findings in this group, while maintaining high respect for the transpersonal and esoteric elements of working with energy that are impossible to prove scientifically.

I am now done with the Essentials of Energy Health Part I training.  Part II is being offered at the end of the Conference and I didn't sign up for it because I was concerned about overwhelm at that point.  The past two days have helped me integrate previous trainings in a new, more usable way.  My clients can expect some dazzling new methods of identifying obstacles in their progress, and clearing those obstacles.  Whereas I have been using a pendulum to determine the direction of any given session, I can now offer my clients applied kinesiology or "muscle testing" to involve them in the process.  I can now also identify and correct energy imbalances.  How cool is that!

Tomorrow the regular Conference begins, as does my role as a volunteer for the first time.  I will let you know how that goes.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Tapas' Wisdom & Hannah's Courage

 Recently Tapas Fleming, creator of the Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) shared an intimate exchange between her and her college-aged daughter, Hannah.  Hannah gave her mom permission to share the conversation with the TAT community, and Tapas has given me permission to share it with you.  I think you will agree that everything about this conversation is extraordinary:  the openness of Hannah with her mom, Tapas's sweet wisdom to her daughter, and Hannah's openness to making such a private conversation public because of the good that could come from it.

Here's an excerpt:

Hannah texted me, “I’m just now feeling very very low about my body image.” 

After a few exchanges, she texted, “I’m still as fat as ever. And I’ve thus far been unable to make lasting change."
I asked, “How come no lasting change?" She wrote, "I guess because I’m addicted to sugar and fill voids in my life with  food.  ‘Cause I’m weak and dumb and can’t control myself."

 My heart went out to my baby girl.

I offered for her to call me and she did.   She told me how she thought, ”If I just would have started a year ago, I would be where I want to be.  I know what I’m supposed to do, I just don’t do it. I did TAT, but it didn't help and I feel bad about that.”

I told her, ”What you’re dealing with is really your mind and all your feelings and thoughts from your whole life. You know how every time you felt sad, angry, frustrated, lonely or hurt and ate to put yourself in a temporary food coma to deal with it -- it’s all still there unresolved.
"Then there’s all the stuff you were born into because of your ancestors -- like times they starved and whenever there was food around, they stuffed themselves with the feeling that they never knew when food would be there again. Certainly there was starving on my side, and on your dad’s side,
there’s the potato famine of Ireland. 

"Then there are all the emotions and thoughts from ancestors like being short tempered, angry and frustrated and eating to put yourself into a temporary coma just to get over it.  Until you really dissolve those things, part of yourself is willfully trying to do one thing (eat less) while another part is just as strongly pushing against the willful part (eat more). It’s you pushing against yourself: it’s exhausting. And if you let down your will, you’re right under all of it again.”  

“Yes, that’s just how it feels.”  (Here’s what I realized I hadn't before:) “What you’re dealing with isn't just over-eating, you’re really dealing with the mind and all its negativity plus your emotions. The food problems are just the outward manifestation. It's the spiritual path that everyone who's working on becoming more conscious deals with for their whole life -- you're just starting early.

"People who meditate, are into psychology, trying to be closer to God or really trying to achieve anything -- it’s all the same stuff they’re dealing with. You have to do it often and keep doing it -- it’s a lifelong process.” 

 “Oh -- you never explained this about TAT,” Hannah commented.  “I thought I was supposed to do it just a few times and verything was supposed to change...and I felt bad about it because it hadn't worked.”  

“Oh no -- it’s not like that. That would be like saying,‘I meditated a few times and I’m not enlightened. So it didn't work.’

“When I had cancer, I did a full TAT session around five times a week plus visualizing myself in radiant health while doing the TAT Pose almost daily for a year.

“If you have a trauma, a single incident, then usually one or two TAT sessions clears it up. But when you have a condition like a health problem or you’re trying to lose weight or accomplish something in your life, you have to keep doing TAT about all the mind stuff and emotions that continue to be there. You might want to think of your weight loss as a one or two year project. It could happen in less time, but you need to be kind and loving and patient with yourself.” 
Is this not an extraordinary conversation between mother and daughter?  For more information on the TAT protocol, including the step-by-step guide to doing TAT by yourself, go to  Deepest thanks to Tapas – and especially to Hannah – for giving us all the benefit of your combined wisdom.   

If you’re interested in experiencing the grace of a session with a TAT Pro, please contact me so we can set up an appointment either in person or via Skype.